Friday, March 2, 2012

February is a month of love and apparently for weddings! My co-resident and close friend, Dr. Mel and her fiance (now husband) Abel got married in the very beautiful St. Anne Parish Church in Molo one beautiful Saturday afternoon of February .

Mel and Abel's love story is a testament  that love knows no distance. If God destined you to be together, He would make a way for a love story to unfold amidst the miles. God truly makes miracles on earth and He is such a wonderful matchmaker. And this lovestory that God has written is the reason that all of Mel and Abel's family and friends gathered to St. Anne's Parish to witness this wonderful celebration of love....

I was also honored that Mel and Abel picked me as one of their secondary sponsors.. 

with my partner, Abel's brother Edz
Here are some of my wedding inspirations from their wedding:

Floral arrangement at the church
Floral bracelet for secondary sponsors
Cake by Dr. Karol Lachica
Decors by Westown Hotel
Different types of refreshment  before the program
Lovely cupcakes for desserts

I was also asked to give a speech for the couple as message from a friend. Along the end of my speech, I gave them an advice. (Haha, I have a little illusion that I am a love expert, haha!). My advice was:

Honor and appreciate each other everyday. You are both gifts of God for each other so live each day with a thankful heart that you have found each other. Congratulations and Best Wishes Mel & Abel!

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